AM29F040-90JC PLCC32

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FLASH Memory IC is a non-volatile RAM that has to be written/erased in blocks. It does have a limited life in terms of number of write cycles and tends to be used for program storage that is infrequently changed.


Memory Size: 4Mbit
Interface Type: Parallel
Package Type: PLCC
Pin Count: 32
Organisation: 64K x 8 bit
Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Cell Type: NOR
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage: 4.5 V
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage: 5.5 V
Block Organisation: Symmetrical
Length: 14.05mm
Height: 2.8mm
Width: 11.51mm
Dimensions: 14.05 x 11.51 x 2.8mm
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature: +70 °C
Maximum Random Access Time: 90ns
Number of Words: 512K
Number of Bits per Word: 8bit

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