BC2302A SOP8

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The BC2302A receiver device adopt a fullyintegrated, low-IF OOK receiver with an automatic gain control (AGC) function and a fully-integrated OOK demodulator. The synthesizer is formed by an integrated VCO and a fractional-N PLL to support the 315, 433, 868, and 915MHz frequency bands. The devices only require a crystal and a minimum number of passive components to fully implement an OOK receiver. With this high level of functional integration, these devices provide excellent solutions for low-cost, low power wireless applications.

The devices achieve -112dBm and -111dBm sensitivity for the 433.92MHz and 868MHz bands, respectively. They operate from a supply voltage of 2.5 to 5.5V and typically require 3.2mA and 4.0mA at 433.92MHz and 868MHz, respectively. An agile RSSI threshold detection mechanism can further alleviate the impact of interference on OOK reception. There are two operation modes, one of which is the Auto RX mode. By properly setting certain PCB wirings, they can directly enter the RX mode. The devices also support a sniff RX mode, where the on/off RX mode function can be controlled by an MCU to achieve a lower than average power consumption using duty RX mode operation.


Frequency bands:
BC2302A: 315MHz, 433MHz
BC2302B: 315MHz, 433MHz,
868MHz, 915MHz
Operating voltage range: 2.5V~5.5V
0.5μA deep sleep current with data retention
Low RX current:
3.2mA @ 433MHz
4.0mA @ 868MHz
Good reception sensitivity under 0.1% BER
112dBm at 10Ksps @ 433MHz
111dBm at 10Ksps @ 868MHz
Wide RF input power range: from sensitivity to +10dBm
Support bit rates up to 25Ksps data rate
Support 2-wire I2C interface for operation configuration
Support sniff application for lower power application
Low cost package: 8-pin SOP-EP

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