Capacitor 220P 50V 0805 CCTC

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Capacitor 220P 50V 0805 CCTC is the most widely used for of capacitor today – being small, leadless and easy to place on a PCB Capacitor 220P 50V 0805 CCTC is ideal for high volume manufacture. Their performance is also very good, some performing particularly well at RF. MLCC is designed and produced by Nano powder, BME technology and metal-ceramic HTCC technology, which achieves at advanced technology standards. It is mainly used in the field of Mobile communications, Computers, LED power supply.
Attributed to the National Institute of Electronic Ceramics, high strength ”S” series MLCC (patent)is developed. To replace the current X7R MLCC by adding top and bottom covers with high strength ceramics, which is greatly increased the body strength of X7R MLCC.



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