Capacitor 22P 50V 0805 YAGEO

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Capacitor 22P 50V 0805 YAGEO is the most widely used for of capacitor today – being small, leadless and easy to place on a PCB Capacitor 22P 50V 0805 YAGEO is ideal for high volume manufacture. Their performance is also very good, some performing particularly well at RF.
Driven by the infinite desire for electronic devices to be more compact and reliable. MLCCs have become one of the most developed and highly competitive capacitors segments in the market. As a major MLCC provider, Yageo continues to allocate R&D resources to product development, manufacturing refinement, and quality assurance. Yageo is dedicated to offering a comprehensive MLCC product portfolio for diverse applications, including consumer electronics, industrial and heavy duty machinery, and automotive electronics systems.



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