Holtek Programmer e-Link32 Pro Debug Adapter

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The Holtek e-Link32 Pro Debug Adapter is a new generation debug adapter for Holtek’s 32-bit microcontrollers allowing users to program and debug their programs on their target boards. By using the e-Link32 Pro together with the Keil MDK-ARM IDE or IAR EWARM IDE, users are provided with a suite of development tools for rapid MCU product development.
The Holtek e-Link32/e-Link32 Pro connects the target board (via Serial Wire) to the PC’s USBport. Users can then program and debug their embedded programs on the target board.

. Supports HT32 Series MCUs
. Serial Wire Debug interface
. Integrates with Keil & IAR IDE
. USB powered
. 10-pin Cortex Debug Connector
. Three LEDs used to display the USB, ERROR and RUN status
. Single RESET button
. Serial communication with the target MCU (for e-Link32 Pro only)