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 CPU Features

Operating voltage
fSYS= 32.768kHz: 2.2V~5.5V
fSYS= 910kHz: 2.2V~5.5V
fSYS= 2MHz: 2.2V~5.5V
fSYS= 4MHz: 2.2V~5.5V
fSYS= 8MHz: 3.3V~5.5V
TinyPowerTM technology for low power operation
Power down and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
Oscillator types
– External Crystal – HXT
– External 32.768kHz Crystal – LXT
– Internal RC – HIRC
– Internal 32kHz RC – LIRC
– External Clock – EC
Multi-mode operation: NORMAL, SLOW, IDLE and SLEEP
Fully integrated internal 910kHz, 2MHz, 4MHz and 8MHz oscillator require no external components
All instructions executed in one or two machine cycles
Table read instructions
61 or 63 powerful instructions
6-level subroutine nesting
Bit manipulation instruction

Peripheral Features

Flash Program Memory: 2Kx15 ~ 4Kx16
RAM Data Memory: 128×8 ~ 192×8
True EEPROM Data Memory: 64×8
Up to 13 bidirectional I/O lines
Watchdog Timer function
Single pin-shared external interrupt
Software controlled 4-SCOM lines LCD COM driver with 1/2 bias
Software controlled 4-SCOM lines LCD COM driver with 1/2 bias
Single 16-bit programmable Timer/Event Counter with overflow interrupt function
Dual Time-Base functions for generation of fixed time interrupt signals
Serial Interfaces Module – SPI or I2C
Dual Comparators
Dual Operational Amplifiers
Operational Amplifier output to internal two channel 12-bit ADC
3-channel 12-bit ADC
2-channel 8-bit PWM
12-bit Audio DAC output
PFD/Buzzer for audio frequency generation
Internal 2.4V/3.3V LDO
Low voltage reset function
Low voltage detect function
Package types: 20-pin SOP
Flash program memory can be re-programmed up to 100,000 times
Flash program memory data retention > 10 years
True EEPROM data memory can be re-programmed up to 1,000,000 times
True EEPROM data memory data retention > 10 years

Two Line Power Line Data Transceiver Features

Complete Data Transmission on Power Line functions
High Maximum Input Voltage: 42V
Integrated Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Integrated Voltage Detector for Power Supply Monitoring
Integrated Comparator
Open drain NMOS driver for flexible interfacing
Power and Reset Protection Features
Minimal external component requirements



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