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The HT6P4x7A devices form a series of data encoders which include fully integrated ASK transmitters for remote control system applications. These highly integrated chips are true “switch-in, antenna- out” monolithic devices. They encode 24 or 28 bits of information and then serially transmit the data out on their PAOUT pin upon receipt of a transmission enable (Data pins: D0~D3 or B0~B1) signal. They encode address and data information into a coded waveform suitable for modulation and transmission using their integrated RF circuits. The devices offer high performance in two areas: power level and operating temperature. In terms of power level, the devices are capable of delivering +16dBm into a 50W load. This power level enables a small form factor transmitter such as a key fob transmitter to operate with a maximum distance. In terms of temperature, they can operate from -40°C to 85°C with very little frequency drift. They additionally offer exceptional ease of use. One only needs a reference frequency generated from an external crystal to create a complete versatile transmitter. The devices are  used with ASK/OOK (Amplitude Shift Keying/On-Off Keyed) UHF receiver types from wide-band super regenerative radios to narrow-band, high performance super-heterodyne receivers.

Operating voltage: 2.0V ~ 3.6V
Average Operating Current:
13mA @ VDD=3.0V, 12dBm, 315MHz
22mA @ VDD=3.0V, 16dBm, 315MHz
Standby current: 1.0uA (Max.) @ VDD=3V
Up to 4 data pins
Provides 2 compound Data trigger pins
Up to 224 address codes
8 bit time via 2 pin selection
Integrated complete UHF transmitter
Frequency range: 300MHz to 450MHz
Supports ASK/OOK modulation
3 output power levels: 12dBm/14dBm/16dBm via 1 pin selection
Minimal external components
High noise immunity
16-Pin NSOP package

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