HT7610A 16DIP

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The HT7610A is a CMOS LSI chip designed for use in automatic PIR lamp control. It can operate with a 2-wire configuration for triac applications or with a 3-wire configuration for relay applications. The chip is equipped with operational amplifiers, a comparator, timer, a zero crossing detector, control circuit, a voltage regulator, a system oscillator, and an output timing oscillator. Its PIR sensor detects infrared power variations induced by the motion of a human body and transforms it to a voltage variation. If the PIR output voltage variation conforms to the criteria (refer to the functional description), the lamp is turned on with an adjustable duration.

The HT7610A offers three operating modes (ON, AUTO, OFF) which can be set through the MODE pin. While the chip is working in the AUTO mode the user can override it and switch to the TEST mode, or manual ON mode, or return to the AUTO mode by switching the power switch. The chip is enclosed in a 16 pin DIP/SOP.


Operating voltage: 5V~12V
Standby current: 100uA (Typ.)
On-chip regulator
Adjustable output duration
CDS input
40 second warm-up
ON/AUTO/OFF selectable by MODE pin
Override function
Auto-reset if the ZC signal disappears over 3 seconds
16-pin DIP package

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