HT7612B 16DIP

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The HT7612B is PIR controller specifically designed to interface to PIR sensors to implement motion sensing application products such as intruder alarms. The controller has the features of PIR sensitivity adjustment and a CDS can be connected to the controller for automatic detection. This ic is available in low profile NSOP & DIP packages.


Operating voltage: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
Standby current typical:
HT7612: 17uA
HT7612B: 19uA
CDS input
High noise immunity
40 second power-on delay
10 second high speed warm-up for test mode
1~3783 second adjustable PIR turn on time
Output drive for Relay, TRIAC and LED
Output drive buzzer alarm
Low voltage detector
Override function
16-pin DIP/NSOP package

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