HT9251 SOT23-5

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The HT9251/HT9252/HT9254 family of operational amplifiers offer the benefits of operating with a single supply voltage as low as 1.8V and with a supply current of 50uA/amplifier. The devices also provide full rail-to-rail input and output operation. The device range has a gain bandwidth product of 550kHz and is unity gain stable. Available in singe, dual and quad versions, along with a range of package types, this range of Low Voltage Operational Amplifiers will find excellent use in a wide range of applications for portable devices and battery powered equipment.


Supply voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V
Supply Current: 50uA/amplifier – typical
Rail-to-Rail Input/Output
Gain Bandwidth: 550kHz – typical
Available in Single, Dual and Quad versions Range of package types

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