HT9291 SOT23-5

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The Holtek HT9291/HT9292/HT9294 range of Low Power Operation Amplifiers offer the advantage of a single supply voltage down to as low as 1.4V as well as the advantages of an extremely low quiescent current of only 0.6uA/amplifier. One other major advantage of these devices lie in their rail-to-rail voltage operation for maximum range. The devices also provide a typical gain bandwidth product of 11kHz and are also unity gain stable. The HT9291 are available in a range of packages according the number of internal amplifiers. The special characteristics of these devices will ensure their excellent use in applications with stringent low power demands such as portable products, battery powered equipment, low power sensor signal processing etc.


Wide operating voltage: 1.4V to 5.5V
Low quiescent current: typical 0.6uA/amplifier
Rail-to-Rail output
Gain bandwidth: 11kHz typical
Unity gain stable
Available in Single, Dual and Quad OP’s package types
Package type:
HT9291: SOT23-5
HT9292: 8-pin DIP/SOP
HT9294: 14-pin DIP/SOP

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