Micro Switch 20*10*10 DIP

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Micro Switch 20*10*10 DIP is very widely used; among their applications are appliances, machinery, industrial controls, vehicles, convertible tops and many other places for control of electrical circuits. Micro Switch 20*10*10 DIP is usually rated to carry current in control circuits only, although some switches can be directly used to control small motors, solenoids, lamps, or other devices. Special low-force versions can sense coins in vending machines, or with a vane attached, air flow. Micro switches may be directly operated by a mechanism, or may be packaged as part of a pressure, flow, or temperature switch, operated by a sensing mechanism such as a Bourdon tube. In these latter applications, the repeatability of the actuator position when switching happens is essential for long-term accuracy. A motor driven cam (usually relatively slow-speed) and one or more micro switches form a timer mechanism. The snap-switch mechanism can be enclosed in a metal housing including actuating levers, plungers or rollers, forming a limit switch useful for control of machine tools or electrically-driven machinery.


PCB mount type: DIP
Size: 20mm*10mm*10mm

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