SMA Connector Jack Female Right Small

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High quality Male / Female SMA Connector Jack Female Right Small (SubMiniature version A), Edge Mount (PCB Edge Mount), Gold Plated Connector (for standard 1.6mm PCB). The connector has a 50 Ω impedance. SMA is designed for use from DC (0 Hz) to 18 GHz, but is most commonly used for hand-held radio and mobile telephone antennas, and more recently with Wi-Fi antenna systems and USB software-defined radio dongles. We source these connectors from a reputable company located in Taiwan. This same company contract manufacture connectors for some very well know companies.

SMA connectors can be visually confused with the standard household 75-ohm type F coax connector (diameters: Male 7⁄16 inch (11 mm) circular or hex; female 3⁄8 in (9.5 mm) external threads), as there is only about a 2 mm difference overall in the specifications. Type F cannot be mated with SMA connectors without the use of an adapter. The SMA name is also used for a superficially similar optical fiber connector.

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