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Serial EEPROM is a low-voltage 1K/2K/4K/8K/16K bit serial electrically erasable read-only memory,
The internal organization is 128/256/512/1024/2048 bytes, each byte is 8 bits, the chip is widely used in the industrial and commercial fields of low voltage and low power consumption.

Main features

Working voltage: 1.8V~5.5V input/output pin compatible with 5V
Applied in internal structure: 128×8 (1K), 256×8 (2K), 512×8 (4K), 1024×8 (8K), 2048×8 (16K)
Two-wire serial interface/serial peripheral interface (SPI) compatible, support SPI mode
Input pin is filtered by Schmitt trigger to suppress noise
Bidirectional data transfer protocol
Compatible with 400KHz (1.8V, 2.5V, 2.7V, 3.6V)
Support hardware write protection High reliability, unlimited reading
Working temperature: -55℃/+125℃
Working temperature: -65℃/+150℃
Ground voltage of any pin: -1.0V/+7.0V
Maximum working voltage: 6.25V
Direct output current: 5.0mA
(Three-wire) compatible serial EEPROM with flexible, user-selectable 8-fold or 16-fold memory organization and software write protection,
To ensure the stability of the data. The device has a very high number of writes,
Each memory location allows more than one million write cycles,
To meet the needs of today’s high-write-time applications
I2C compatible serial EEPROM with 2KB memory
Devices are application specific products,
Contains 48-bit or 64-bit pre-programmed MAC/EUI addresses provided by IEEE, allowing interconnected devices to connect to the Internet or local network.
These devices also include 128-bit read-only serial numbers and 2KB of user-accessible EEPROM non-volatile memory (NVM) components.



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