BC68F0031 NSOP16

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The BC68F0031 is a TinyPowerTM 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontrollers especially designed for RF module applications. Offering users the convenience of Flash Memory multi-programming features, the device also includes a wide range of functions and features. Other memory includes an area of RAM Data Memory as well as an area of true EEPROM memory for storage of non-volatile data such as serial numbers, calibration data etc.

CPU Features

Operating Voltage
– fSYS= 8MHz: 1.8V~5.5V
TinyPowerTM technology for low power operation
Up to 0.5us instruction cycle with 8MHz system clock at VDD= 5V
Power down and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
Oscillator types:
– Internal High Speed RC – HIRC
– Internal Low Speed 32kHz RC – LIRC
Multi-mode operation: FAST, SLOW, IDLE and SLEEP
Fast power on (20ms) structure
Fully integrated internal 8MHz oscillator requires no external components
All instructions executed in one or two instruction cycles
Table read instructions
63 powerful instructions
6-level subroutine nesting
Bit manipulation instruction

Peripheral Features

Flash Program Memory: 2Kx16
Data Memory: 128×8
True EEPROM Memory: 32×8
Watchdog Timer function
14 bidirectional I/O lines
Dual pin-shared external interrupts
Multiple Timer Modules for time measurement, input capture, compare match output or PWM output or single pulse output function
– Single Standard type 16-bit Timer Module – STM
– Single Compact type 10-bit Timer Modules – CTM
Serial Peripheral Interface – SPI
I2C Interface
Fully-duplex Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter Interface – UART
Dual Time-Base functions for generation of fixed time interrupt signals
Low voltage reset function
Low voltage detect function
Package: 8-pin SOP and 16-pin NSOP



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