BC7602 QFN46

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The BC7601/BC7602 devices are fully-integrated, single-chip Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, controllers. The devices are specially designed to act as BLE slave controllers in accordance with the Bluetooth specification v4.1. The devices can be controlled by any external microcontroller through the Application Controller Interface, ACI, which is designed to allow the devices to easily communicate with external circuitry. The UART and SPI interfaces are available as the ACI transport layers. Additionally, during intervals where there is no active BLE RF connection, the devices will enter a Sleep Mode thus further reducing power consumption. In general practice, the BC7601/BC7602 devices will be required to download a patch code for full BLE optimisation. For convenience and system cost reduction, the BC7602 device already supports an internal patch code and so does not need to patch from the external microcontroller.


3.3V operating voltage
Integrated high performance RF and MODEM for enhanced BLE.
Few external components required as well as on-chip 32 MHz crystal capacitors to reduce the BOM cost.
Integrated DC/DC converter and LDOs allowing a wider supply range with a single power supply
Over 75dB RX of gain in programmable gain steps
Integrated SPI and UART for ACI interfaces
Includes Sleep and Power Down modes for low power consumption
Embedded patch memory to reduce system development effort and cost — BC7602 only
Package types:
– BC7601: 32-pin QFN — 4mmx4mm
– BC7602: 46-pin QFN — 6.5mmx4.5mm



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