Capacitor 1U 16V 0805 WALSIN

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Capacitor 1U 16V 0805 WALSIN is the most widely used for of capacitor today – being small, leadless and easy to place on a PCB Capacitor 1U 16V 0805 WALSIN is ideal for high volume manufacture. Their performance is also very good, some performing particularly well at RF.
MLCC consists of a conducting material and electrodes. To manufacture a chip-type SMT and achieve miniaturization, high density and high efficiency, ceramic condensers are used. WTC’s MG series MLCC is made by NP0, X7R & X5R dielectrics and which provides product with high electrical precision, stability and reliability. Besides, MG series MLCC is tighten controlling in quality in line to assure quality performance in automotive applications.



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