Graphic LCD 128*64 Blue

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Graphic LCD 128×64 Blue RHD are different from the ordinary alphanumeric  lcds, like 16×1 16×2 16×4 20×1 20×2 etc. They (ordinary) can print only characters or custom made characters. They have a fixed size for displaying a character normally 5×7 or 5×8 matrix. Where as in graphical lcd we have 128×64=8192 dots each dot can be lit up as our wish or we can make pixels with 8 dots ie. 8192/8=1024 pixels. We can design a character in a size which we need. More over we can make a picture on a graphical LCD as well.


Display Type: 128 x 64 DOTS
Interface: 8BIT bus MPU interface
Color: Blue
Outline Dimension: 93(L) *70(W) * Max 12.5 (T) mm
Viewing Area: 72(L) * 40( W) mm
Dot Size (W*H): 0.48*0.48 mm
Dot Pitch (W*H): 0.52*0.52 mm
Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 °C

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