Holtek Programmer e-Link8 OCDS/ICP Adaptor

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The Holtek e-Link8 OCDS/ICP Adaptor is an online debug adaptor for Holtek’s new generation of OCDS architecture Flash MCUs. Together with the HT-IDE3000 software it allows users to program and debug programs on their target boards.

. Supports HT8 Series MCUs
. The e-Link only supports OCDS architecture Flash MCUs
. For each new e-Link being used for the first time, it must be enabled by using the activation program.
The e-Link also provides an ICP function for Flash MCUs. When connected to a PC and when used together with the HOPE3000 software the e-Link can also be used as a low volume engineering programmer for HT8 Flash MCUs.
. The e-Link is not able to support offline programming and is not suitable for volume device programming.
. The e-Link does not yet support programming of the Boot Loader ROM code program. As a result it should not be used for programming application programs which have an ISP requirement such as the HT6XFB5X0.



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