Holtek Programmer e-WriterPro

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The Holtek Programmer e-WriterPro can be used not only as a programming tool for all of Holtek’s OTP and Flash devices during the development stage. but can also be used for small to medium volume production purposes. For each new Holtek Programmer e-WriterPro being used for the first time, it must first be enabled by using the activation program.
Enter the activation program from the HOPE3000 tools menu. The activation program will obtain online from Holtek a unique registration code for each Holtek Programmer e-WriterPro. Follow the instructions on the HOPE3000 window to complete the registration and activation process for the Holtek Programmer e-WriterPro.

Supports MCUs

This writer supports an On-Line Programming Mode that requires connection to a PC and also an Off-Line Programming Mode that does not require a PC. In the Off-Line Mode, after downloading the programming data to the writer using the HOPE3000 using a PC, the writer can be operated without connection to a PC.
In the On-Line Mode, a USB cable is required to connect the writer to a PC, after which it can be controlled using the HOPE3000. Because Holtek devices are provided in many different package types, a range of corresponding programming adapters are supplied for each kind of MCU package. Therefore for the e-WriterPro,it is necessary to use the proper e-Socket and for the e-Writer/e-Writer plus it is required to use thecorrect programming adapter to plug into this writer.



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