HT1635A LQFP64

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The HT1635A/HT1635B is a memory mapping LED display controller/driver. The maximum display capacity of the device is 352 patterns composed of 44 rows and 8 commons. The device can generate 16 LED illumination levels using software controlled PWM circuitry. A serial interface is provided to allow the device to receive instructions for its command mode and data mode. Only two or four lines are required to interface the device to a host controller. The display capacity can be easily extended by cascading the devices thus expanding its application possibilities. The device is compatible with most microcontrollers offering easy interfacing via its two serial interfaces, an I2C bus or a 4-wire serial bus.


Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V
LED display — 44 row and 8 Columns
88×4 bit RAM display data storage
16-level PWM brightness control
Integrated 256kHz RC oscillator
I2C-bus or 4-wire serial interface
Data mode & command mode instructions
Cascade function for extend applications
Selectable NMOS open drain output driver and PMOS open drain output driver for COM lines
64-pin LQFP package

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