HT32F52253 Starter KIT

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The HT32F52253 Starter KIT uses the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ high performance, low-power microcontroller, and is designed to help new users get up and running and using this Holtek device in the shortest possible time frame. It provides a low-cost platform which together with the software development platform, also provides a complete solution from evaluation, programming to production.


Designed to get users started with the Cortex-M0+, by providing a low-cost platform. Together with the convenience of its software development platform, it provides a complete solution from evaluation to production
Using HT32F52253 high performance, low-power microcontroller
Up to 40MHz operating frequency
128KB Flash、16KB SRAM
Integrated multiple Timers, 3 I2C functions, 2 SPI functions, 2 USART functions, 4 UART functions, single 12-bit A/D converter
Can be used for the testing and development of many external devices
64LQFP packagek
8.000 MHz External Crystal Clock
52 programmable general purpose I/O pins
Comprises Target Board and Serial-Wire Debugger
Can use the Target Board external power supply or be powered by the e-Link32 Pro USB supply

Development Environment

Provides a standard C language program development environment
Provides a comprehensive functional library avoiding much complicated lower level functional development
Integrated hardware debug interface, SWD, connects to the IDE using a USB. The system will download the programs and debug immediately
Provides a standard development environment, including Keil uVision and IAR EWARM



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