HT45B0003 SOP8

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In systems where a master controller controls a number of individual interconnected subsystems such as found in smoke detector systems, water metering systems, solar energy system etc., the cost of the lengthy interconnecting cabling can be a major factor. By sending data along the power supply lines, the
interconnecting cables can be reduced to a simple two line type, thus greatly reducing both cable and installation costs.

With the addition of a few external components, this power line data transceiver devices contain all the internal components required to provide users with a system for power line data transmission and reception. Data is modulated onto the power line by the simple reduction of the power line voltage for a specific period of time. Power supply voltage changes can be initiated by the master controller for data reception or initiated by the HT45B000x devices for data transmission. An internal voltage regulator within the devices ensures that a constant voltage power supply is provided to the interconnected subsystem units while an internal voltage detector monitors the power line voltage level. An internal comparator is used to translate the differential signal into a logic signal for the MCU.


Complete Data Transmission on Power Line functions
High Maximum Input Voltage: 42V
Integrated Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Integrated Voltage Detector for Power Supply Monitoring
Integrated Comparator
Open drain NMOS driver for flexible interfacing
Power and Reset Protection Features
8-pin SOP package type
Minimal external component requirements

وزن 0.2 گرم


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