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This IGBT driver device is specifically designed for applications which require low level logic levels such as those from microcontrollers to interface to power insulated gate bipolar transistors. As the device includes an internal LDO, a level shifter and voltage detector circuits, it integrates into a single package the external components usually required by these applications. This functional integration enables the device to offer the advantages of reduced circuitry and consequently reduced costs in these applications.

The device contains all the level shifting circuitry required match the high voltage and high current requirements of IGBT devices. Toprevent malfunctions and possible system damage, an internal voltage detector monitors the system voltage level to determine if the level shifter can be enabled or not.


Integrated Low Dropout Voltage Regulator — LDO
– Output driving capability: 150mA (max)
– Low quiescent current: 7uA (typ)
– Low drop voltage
Integrated Level Shifter
Voltage detect protection for level shift output enable control
– Detect VDD
– Detect VCC2
– Package: 8-SOP

وزن 0.2 گرم


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