HT48R008 SOP24

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CPU Features

Operating voltage: fSYS= 8MHz: VLVR~5.5V
Up to 0.5us instruction cycle with 8MHz system clock at VDD=5V
Power down and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
Two oscillators:
Internal high speed RC — HIRC
Internal low speed RC — LIRC
Fully integrated internal 8MHz oscillator requires no external components
All instructions executed in one or two instruction cycles
Table read instruction
63 powerful instructions
4-level subroutine nesting
Bit manipulation instruction

Peripheral Features

Program Memory: 2Kx14 ~ 4Kx15
RAM Data Memory: 64×8 ~ 96×8
Watchdog Timer function
Up to 22 bidirectional I/O lines
External interrupt pin shared with I/O pin
Two 8-bit programmable Timer/Event Counters with overflow interrupt and prescaler
Programmable Frequency Divider — PFD
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter — UART (only for HT48R008)
I2C Function
Low voltage reset function
Wide range of available package types in HT48R008



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