HT48R063B NSOP16

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The HT48R063B are a series of 8-bit high performance, RISC architecture microcontrollers specifically designed for a wide range of applications. The usual Holtek microcontroller features of low power consumption, I/O flexibility, timer functions, oscillator options, power down and wake-up functions, watchdog timer and low voltage reset, combine to provide devices with a huge range of functional options while still maintaining a high level of cost effectiveness. The fully integrated system oscillator HIRC, which requires no external components and which has three frequency selections, opens up a huge range of new application possibilities for these devices, some of which may include industrial control, consumer products, household appliances subsystem controllers, etc.

CPU Features

Operating voltage:
fSYS=4MHz: 2.2V−5.5V
fSYS=8MHz: 3.0V−5.5V
fSYS=12MHz: 4.5V−5.5V
Up to 0.5us instruction cycle with 8MHz system clock at VDD=5V
Power down and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
Oscillator types:
External Crystal — HXT
External RC — ERC
External 32768Hz Crystal — LXT
Internal RC — HIRC
Internal 32kHz RC — LIRC
Multi-mode operation: NORMAL, SLOW, IDLE and SLEEP
Fully integrated internal 4MHz, 8MHz and 12MHz oscillator requires no external components
All instructions executed in one or two instruction cycles
Table read instructions
63 powerful instructions
Up to 6-level stack
Bit manipulation instruction

Peripheral Features

Up to 42 bidirectional I/O lines
Up to 12 channel 12-bit ADC
Up to 2 channel 8-bit PWM
Data Memory: 224×8
Program Memory: 4k×16
Watchdog Timer function
4 pin-shared external interrupts
Up to two 8-bit programmable Timer/Event Counter with overflow interrupt and prescaler
Low voltage reset function
Low voltage detect function
Time Base functions
Buzzer function



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