HT7082A-3 SOT89

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The HT7082A-3 series devices area set of three terminal low power voltage detectors implemented in CMOS technology. Each voltage detector in the series detects a particular fixed voltage 8.2V. The voltage detectors consist of a high-precision and low power consumption standard voltage source as well as a comparator, hysteresis circuit, and an  output driver. CMOS technology ensures low power consumption.
Although designed primarily as fixed voltage  detectors, these HT7082A-3 can be used with external components to detect user specified threshold voltage


Low power consumption
Low temperature coefficient
High input voltage range (up to 30V)
Quiescent current 1uA
Output voltage accuracy: tolerance ±2%
Built-in hysteresis characteristic
TO92, SOT89 and SOT23-5 package

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