HT7465 SOP8

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 The HT7465 is a 2A high efficiency step-down DC-DC converter which includes a fully integrated MOS power transistor. The device uses a current-mode control operating methodology and can operate over a wide input voltage range of 4.75V to 24V for which it can provide a stable adjustable output voltage.

The device includes over temperature protection, over current protection and under voltage lockout protection, features which combine to prevent device damage due to overload conditions. In its shutdown mode the regulator draws a mere 20uA of supply current. The device is available in 8-pin SOP package types and provides a very compact system solution with a minimum of external components.


Input voltage range: 4.75V to 24V
Variable output voltage range: 0.92V to 20V
2A output current
Efficiency up to 92%
Fixed 380kHz operating frequency
20μA shutdown current
Internal power MOSFET switch
Stable operation using low ESR ceramic capacitors
Over temperature protection
Cycle-by-cycle over current protection
Under voltage lockout protection
8-pin SOP package

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