HT7466 SOP8

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The HT7466 is a DC-DC buck regulator. The builtin high driver NMOS provides a monolithic solution for high efficiency step-down DC-DC converter. With 3A output current, the wide input voltage range and stable output voltage regulation can widely use in all kinds of application, like communication, power for high power LED, battery charger, etc.

The protection function include over current and over temperature protection. The soft start function prevent inrush supply current and output overshoot when initial startup. The under voltage lockout is set to 4.1V. It prevents abnormal situation occurring. The HT7466 requires a minimum number of standard external components and is available in a 8-pin SOP package for small area PCB application.


Input voltage range: 4.75V to 24V
Variable output voltage range: 1.222V to 20V
3A output current
Efficiency up to 91%
Fixed 380kHz operating frequency
20μA shutdown current
Internal power MOSFET switch
Stable operation using low ESR ceramic capacitors
Over temperature protection
Cycle-by-cycle over current protection
Soft-start function
Under voltage lockout protection
8-pin SOP package

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