HT7660 8DIP

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HT7660 is a monolithic CMOS switched-capacitor voltage converter. HT7660 is designed to complete a voltage conversion from positive to negative. The only required external components are two low cost electrolytic capacitors.

HT7660 includes a voltage regulator, an RC oscillator and four output power MOS switches. The frequency of an RC oscillator can be lowered by adding an external capacitor between VDD and the OSC pin, or an external clock can be connected to the OSC pin to replace the original oscillator. The LV terminal may be tied to VSS to disable the voltage regulator. By doing this, low voltage operation can be improved.


Simple conversion of VDD to -VDD
Cascade connection (two devices are connected, VOUT= -2 VDD)
Boost pin for higher switching frequency
Easy to use
– Requires only two external capacitors
No external diode required
Typically with no load voltage conversion, 99.9% efficiency
Typical power efficiency is 98%
Wide operating voltage range: 3V to 12V
8-pin DIP/SOP package

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