HT7939A-2 SOT23-6

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The HT7939A-2is a high efficiency boost converter for driving multiple White LEDs using current mode operation. The HT7939A-2is designed to drive up to 39 White LEDs from a 5V power supply. The White LED current is setup using an external current setting resistor, which has a low feedback voltage of 0.2V to minimise resistor power losses and thus improving efficiency. The HT7939A-2 has a dimming frequency of up to 200kHz, which has excellent linear performance over this dimming frequency range. The over voltage function prevents device damage by turning off the converter should the LED load become open circuit. The HT7939A-2 also includes over current protection, over temperature protection and under voltage protection preventing damage to the device should the output be overloaded.


Input voltage range: 2.6V~5.5V
High efficiency – up to 90%
Integrated N-ch MOSFET
Can drive up to 39 WLEDs from a 5V input
Low standby current: 0.1uA (typ.)
Built-in OVP, OCP, OTP, UVLO protection
EN pin dimming frequency up to 200kHz
1.2MHz fixed switching frequency
6-pin SOT23 package

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