HT7963 SOP8

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The HT7963 is a high efficiency boost converter with a fixed oscillator frequency for LED backlighting and LED lighting application. The white LED current is setup using an external current setting resistor, which has a low feed-back voltage of only 0.3V. The DIM input allows a wide range of dimming control for LED backlighting or LED lighting. The device offers a full range of protection functions such as power MOSFET over current protection (OCP), IC power supply under voltage lockout (UVLO), over-voltage protection (OVP), output voltage short circuit protection (OSP) and over temperature protection (OTP).


Integrated high power boost DC-DC controller
Wide input voltage range from 9V to 30V
High Voltage Gate-Drive provides lower RDS(ON) and higher efficiencies
Dimming frequency from 100Hz to 1kHz
0.3V LED feedback current sensing voltage with ±3% tolerance
Device protection features include:
– Soft-start, OCP, UVLO, OVP, OTP
and output
– short protection – OSP
LED protection: LED Open/Short Protection
Package type: 8-pin SOP

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