HT7991 SOT23-6

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The HT7991 is a current mode asynchronous step-up DC-DC converter. The fully integrated power MOSFET transistor, with its 0.2W drain source resistance, ensures a high level of device power efficiency. A fixed 1MHz switching frequency has been chosen to permit smaller inductors to be used in the application circuit. The error amplifier non-inverting input amplifier is connected to an internal precision 0.6V/±2% reference voltage while an integrated soft-start function reduces the inrush current during the converter start up period. The device is available in a SOT23-6 package type.


Input Voltage from 2.6V to 5.5V
Adjustable Output Voltage Up to 12V
Internal 0.2W Low Power Switch
Fixed PWM Switching Frequency: 1MHz
Precision Feedback Reference Voltage: 0.6V (±2%)
Ultra Low Shutdown Current: 0.1uA
Embedded Loop Frequency Compensation
Programmable OCP Threshold via External Resistor, ROC
Complete Protections: Soft Start, UVLO, OCP, OTP and OVP
Package Type: SOT23-6

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