HT7A6003 SOP8

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HT7A6003 is an advanced, highly integration Off-Line PWM Controller. This device provides many protection functions with ultra low power circuit design, and is optimized for restraining EMI. By integrated a Non-Audible Noise Green Mode Control Scheme and optimizing for the Energy Star 2.0 spec., the Power Supply Unit (PSU) implemented using the HT7A6003 can satisfy the “Energy Star No-Load Mode” Stand-by Power standard, which is less than 0.3W within all Nameplate Output Power Range of 0~250W. This device also integrated various protection functions such as Short-Circuit Protection (SCP, which can also be used for Over-Load Protection, OLP), Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting, Over Voltage Protection (OVP), and Soft-Start function for reducing inrush current during system initialization and preventing device burn-out.

The HT7A6003 also integrates Leading-Edge Blanking and Slope Compensation for minimizing external components cost and system complexity.


Frequency Jitter for Restraining EMI
Integrated Soft-Start Function
Very Low Operating Current and Start-up Current (<20mA) for satisfying Energy-Star 2.0 “No-Load Mode” (Stand-by) Power standard
±5% Trimmed Oscillator for Precise Frequency
Programmable Switching Frequency
Non-audible-noise Green Mode Control
LEB (Leading-Edge Blanking) on CS Pin
Internal Slope Compensation
Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
Short-Circuit-Protection(SCP) for Short-Circuit and Over-Load Condition
Over-Voltage-Protection(OVP) on VCC Pin
8-Pin SOP package

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