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 Holtek’s human body infrared detector micro modules, the HT7M2126 series, come fully integrated with optical lenses, a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and DSP algorithms. These modules include a wide range of features such as low power consumption, an I2C communication interface and DSP algorithms which improve the reliability of the PIR detector. Their application range includes home security and surveillance system as well as basic industrial safety detection.


Operating voltage: 2.7V~5.5V
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 60°C
Low power consumption:
– Operating mode (Moving objects to be detected) < 1.5mA
– Standby with detecting mode < 50µA (Operating voltage 3.3V)
Intelligent signal recognition algorithm
Optional communication interfaces: I2C for Network Mode or I/O for Stand-alone Mode
Adjustable sensing sensitivity — Network Mode
Customisable trigger modes: Single/Continuous — Network Mode
Adjustable trigger output time: 16-bitx100ms — Network Mode
Low voltage detection: 2.0/2.2/2.4/2.7/3.0/3.3/3.6/4.0V options — Network Mode
Supports external optical sensors (eg. photo transistors)
Integrated temperature sensor with temperature compensation
Quick stabilisation: ready for stable operation within 12 seconds after power on



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