HT92112 SOP8

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The HT92112/HT92122 family of low power operational amplifiers offers the benefits of low power consumption, low offset voltage and low offset drift. They have low 1/f noise and have good PSRR and CMRR characteristics. The devices also provide full rail-to-rail input and output operation. it has a gain bandwidth product of 14kHz while the HT92122 has a gain bandwidth product of 100kHz. These devices operate with a single supply voltage as low as 1.4V and with a low supply current of 1μA/amplifier (Max.). These low power operational amplifiers can be implemented in a wide range of applications for portable devices and battery powered equipment.


Wide Operating Voltage
Low input offset voltage
Low Quiescent Current
Unity Gain Stable (HT92112)
Non-unity Gain Stable (HT92122)
Rail to Rail input and output operation
-40˚C to +85˚C Operating Temperature Range
Dual amplifiers per package
Package types: 8-pin SOP/MSOP

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