HT9274 SOP14

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The HT9274 is a CMOS quad micro-power operational amplifier featuring high input impedance, extremely low power, high gain and high stability. It allows common mode input voltage range which extends below the negative rail, output swings to both rails with a reasonable sink and souce capability of the output drive current. This cost-effective device is suitable for high gain, low frequency, low power applications, especially ideal for battery powered systems where uA range of standby current is essential for long battery life span. For example, in multi-standard Caller ID systems, it is ideal as a low power line signal monitor/detector, and in car alarm systems, the HT9274 is excellent for piezo vibratile detector signal amplifier application.


Quad micro power op amp
Wide range of supply voltage: 1.6V~5.5V
High input impedance
Single supply operation
Low current consumption: 5uA per amp
Rail to rail output
Provides both sink and source output drive capability
Common mode input extends below negative rail
Pin compatible with LM324/WT274 (14-pin DIP)
14-pin DIP/SOP package

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