IC 30348 SMD

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The 30348 is an intelligent full H-Bridge, designed for the control of DC and stepper motors in safety critical applications and under extreme environmental conditions. The H-Bridge is protected against over-temperature and short circuits and has an under voltage lockout for all the supply voltages “VS” (main DC power supply). All malfunctions cause the output stages to go tristate. The device is configurable by the DMS pin. When grounded, the device gives diagnostic information via a simple error flag. When supplied with VCC = 5 V, the device works in SPI mode. In this mode, detailed failure diagnosis is available via the serial interface.


Operating supply voltage 5 V to 28 V
Typical RDSon = 150mΩ for each output transistor
Continuous DC load current 3.5 A
Output current limitation at typ. 6.6 A ± 1.1 A
Short circuit shut-down for output currents over 8 A
Logic- inputs TTL/CMOS-compatible
Output switching frequency up to 30 kHz
Rise and fall times optimized for 0.5-2 kHz
Over-temperature protection
Short circuit protection
Undervoltage disable function
Diagnostic by SPI or Status-Flag
Enable and Disable input
P-DSO-20-12 power package

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