SD Card Socket MR01A-01211 Push-Push

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SD Card Socket MR01A-01211 Push-Push includes an insulating housing defining conductive terminal grooves and two locating grooves at a sidewall there of. A shelter shell coupled with the insulating housing to form a card cavity has a top section and two side sections. A front surface of the top section extends frontward and then extends downward to form two anti-mismating portions adjacent to the two side sections. The two anti-mismating portions have different width and vertical length.

Conductive terminals are fixed in the conductive terminal grooves and soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) for electrically engaging with corresponding contacts of a memory card inserted into the card cavity. A pair of switch terminals mounted in the locating grooves and soldered to the printed circuit board. One switch terminal is pressed outward by the memory card fully inserted into the card cavity, which causes the two switch terminals to contact with each other for grounding.


Connector Style: Push-Push
PCB mount type: Surface mount
Operating Voltage: 10V AC(rms)/DC
Current Rating: 0.5A
Operating Temperature:-25°C ~ +85°C
Insulation Resistance: 1000m ohms min. at 250VDC
Contact Resistance: 100m ohms max.

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