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The UTC TBA820M SOP8 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 8 lead dual in-line plastic package. It is designed for audio frequency class b amplifier. It is intended for use as low frequency class B power amplifier with wide range of supply voltage: 3 to 16V, in portable radios, cassette recorders and players etc. Main features are: minimum working supply voltage of 3V, low quiescent current, low number of external components, good ripple rejection, no cross-over distortion, low power dissipation.


Wide operating supply voltage: Vcc=3~14V
Medium output power
POUT=1.2W at Vcc=9V,RL=8Ω, THD=10%
Low quiescent circuit current: IQ=4mA(type)
Good ripple rejection.
Minimum number of external parts required.

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