TDA2003 TO220-5

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The TDA2003 is an Audio Amplifier IC from ST Microelectronics with a maximum output power of 10W commonly used in stereo amplification in car Radio. The IC can output a maximum current of 3.5A and features very low harmonic and crossover distortion.


Low-frequency class AB amplifier most suited for audio amplification
Can provide up to 20 Watts as output power
Operating Voltage: 8V to 18V
Maximum output power 12V (at 1.6Ω RL)
Voltage Gain: 80dB
Supply Voltage rejection: 36dB
Short circuit and thermal protection is available
Breadboard friendly
Available in 5-pin TO220 package


Used for Audio signal Amplification
Suitable for high power amplification
Capable of operating on dual/split power supply
Can be used to cascade audio speakers

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