UFL to SMA Female Wire 15cm

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UFL to SMA Female Wire 15cm is coaxial cables characterized by their threaded, medium-sized coupling connectors made for use from DC to 11GHz. They also have consistently low broadband Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), which has made them one of the most popular cables for all manner of applications.

UFL to SMA Female Wire 15cm is a round screw type of connectors that are characterized by threaded, medium-sized coupling connectors that are suitable for frequencies of 0 GHz up to 18GHz. The antenna cable is compatible with all types of antennas including cellular voice and data, ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless networks, and WiMAX: 802.11n, 5GHz and 2.4GHz, and 900 MHz applications across a frequency range of between 0 to 18GHz.

The U.FL Connector is compatible with the antenna jacks of a variety of PCB boards and mini-PCI cards. It connects to the U.FL LP 66 cable connector common in mini-PCI wireless cards including XBee on ZigBee radios, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, and Intel PRO WiFi cards. The U.FL jack on the card makes it possible to connect a female U.FL connector to the external antenna of your mini PCI wireless card. devices.


. 1st Connector: SMA female
. 2nd Connector: U.FL (UMCC) Plug, Female Socket, Right Angle
. Connector Color: Gold
. Cable Color: Black
. Wire Length: 15cm
. Temperature: -20℃~+70℃

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