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The UTC UTRS3082G is a half-duplex transceiver designed for RS-485 data bus network, which contains one transmitter and one receiver. The UTC UTRS3082G features a fail-safe receiver, which guarantees the receiver to output high when the receiver inputs are open, short or idle. The UTC UTRS3082G also features a hot-swap glitch free protection circuits which guarantee outputs of both the transmitter and the receiver in a high impedance state during the power up period. So that the large short current from power to ground will be disable by glitch free function, which will save the power and enhance the efficiency of the power up. The UTC UTRS3082G is optimized for signal rates up to 115Kbps with differential voltage of 2.3V. The UTC UTRS3082G also has the thermal shutdown function when the temperature is over 150°C and the protection of the current limitation in the transmitter to protect the itself from the damage by the system-fault conditions during normal operation.


Meet the requirements of the EIA/TIA-485 standards.
5.0V single power supply.
1µA low-current shutdown mode.
HBM ±12kV ESD protection for Transmitter Output
True fail-safe receiver while maintaining EIA/TIA-485 compatibility.
Hot-swap glitch free protection on control inputs.
Up to 256 transceivers on the bus.
Maximum baud rate up to 115Kbps.
Transmitter short circuit current limit.
Thermal shutdown for overload protection.

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