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The UTC UTRS3085G SOP8 high-speed transceivers for RS-485/RS-422 communication contain one driver and one receiver. The device features fail-safe circuitry, which guarantees a logic-high receiver output when the receiver inputs are open or shorted. This means that the receiver output will be logic high if all transmitters on a terminated bus are disabled (high impedance). The UTC UTRS3085G SOP8 offer higher driver output slew-rate limits, allowing transmission up to 2.5Mbps. The transceiver typically draws 375µA of supply current when unloaded or when fully loaded with the drivers disabled. A device has a 1/8-unit-load receiver input impedance that allows up to 256 transceivers on the bus.


True fail-safe receiver while maintaining EIA/TIA-485 compatibility.
Enhanced slew-rate limiting facilitates Error-Free data transmission.
5.0V single power supply.
1µA low-current shutdown mode.
Allow up to 256 transceivers on the Bus.
HBM ±12kV ESD protection for Transmitter Output
Driver short circuit current limit.
Thermal shutdown for overload protection.

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